Calabrian Green Tomatoes: Success!

After a week and a half of waiting, it was finally time to unwrap my little tomatoes!

They smelled a little funky (thanks to the garlic), but looked right on. I drained them, transferred them to a colander, and gave them a thorough rinsing (making sure to wash off all of the garlic and fennel seeds).

After letting them air out for a bit, I packed them into jars with fresh slices of garlic and fennel seeds, and covered with olive oil. Since I needed something to put them on, I decided to make pane crostoso.

It was finally time to see if these were the tomatoes I remembered. And . . . pretty close! This is definitely the right way to make them. They’re tangy and slightly chewy, with a hint of garlic. Next time, I’d probably slice them a little thinner and not include the fennel seeds in the final, jarred product.

Keep them refrigerated. I’m not positive how long they will last, but my guess would be around one month. The oil in the jar will solidify when kept cold, so let the tomatoes sit at room temperature for a few hours before serving. They’re great all by themselves on top of some crusty bread, but I imagine they would also be tasty in a salad or on a sandwich.


  1. bill says

    I made these exactly as you described but mine taste terrible.. Like playdoh. Did you use iodized salt or sea? I used a lot of salt like you said maybe too much?

    • carey says

      Hmmm, that’s a shame! I used regular iodized salt. How heavy was the weight on top of them? I’m wondering if it’s possible that not enough water was pressed out.

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