Bachelorette Food: Apple, Lettuce, & Cheddar Wraps

Welcome to the first post in my Bachelorette Food catergory!

I love to make a big production out of dinner when I am cooking for other people. But when it’s time to feed me and me alone, I am only interested in something that requires limited effort. We’re talking minimal slicing or chopping, absolutely no oven time (leftovers are better cold anyway), and possibly the boiling of water, if I really feel like going all out. This often results in some sort of frankenfood that may never be replicated, thanks to the randomness that is my fridge. This wrap, however, is one of the few things I make on a regular basis. And for good reason: it’s easy, and it’s tasty!

I thought I would be nice and sneak in something healthy before the chocolate covered caramels and the Pioneer Woman’s coffee cake that are currently in the queue. Your New Year’s diet cannot withstand Ree’s coffee cake; it’s just a fact.

Apple, Lettuce, & Cheddar Wraps

  • apples of your choice (I prefer Fuji or Pink Lady)
  • lettuce of your choice (I usually use romaine or green leaf)
  • tortillas (whatever kind/size you like—I usually use 12″ white or wheat wraps)
  • cheddar cheese (the sharper the better!)

I am not providing amounts for anything, because it’s pretty easy to determine how much of each ingredient you will need (especially if you’re only making this for yourself!).

I hope you’re all ready, here’s where it gets complicated.

Wash apples and lettuce. Grate the cheese.

Chop the lettuce. Slice the apples.

Evenly distribute everything in your tortilla.

Wrap it up.

Eat it. Don’t even bother putting it on a plate. I only did that for show.


  1. hua says

    how could you manage to get everything so graceful arranged and cooked and the shots are amazing ^.^ I think I will come back again and again to learn and enjoy your perfect recipes, even if i can’t realize them by myself. Keep it up :-D


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