Yogurt with Fresh Mint & Cocoa Nibs

Two years ago, my downstairs neighbor planted mint in our garden. Summer came and went, and I eagerly awaited the following spring, because I knew that one little plant would turn into a garden filled with mint. And that would mean spiked mint lemonades, minty greek yogurt sauces, and chocolatey baked goods with fresh mint—all for me! This year, it’s spread to the lawn. And a yard-mowing earlier in the week led to the smell of mint permeating both my home and my subconscious, and left me craving minty vanilla yogurt.

Me-fact for you: I have weird yogurt issues. I cannot eat yogurt without some sort of texture to it, but that texture needs to be crunchy. I once ate half of a coconut yogurt, declaring it to be the most delicious thing ever right up until the point when I hit the layer of oily, shredded coconut at the bottom. I then recoiled in horror and threw the container in the garbage (likely making gagging noises the entire time too). I blame my mother for allowing me to load my yogurt up with sprinkles, M&Ms, and chocolate chips when I was a child (though, to be fair, this was the only way she could actually get me eat the stuff at all). I have since graduated from sprinkles to dark chocolate and cocoa nibs (which makes me feel infinitely more fancy).

I don’t think this one requires much in the way of instruction! Just some yogurt, a few minced mint leaves, and some cocoa nibs (the cracked, unprocessed pieces of the cocoa bean). If you aren’t a fan of bitter chocolate, you may want to cut this with some dark or semi-sweet chocolate, or just substitute whatever you prefer altogether. That’s about it!

And if anyone has any yogurt add-in suggestions, I would love to hear them!

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