Shrimp & Alfredo Spaghetti Squash

Fact: This is one of the first dishes to spark my interest in cooking. Actually, the first first thing that set me on the path (other than my mother and all of her awesome home-cooked meals and treats that I took for granted as a young’un) was a Spanish tortilla my friend Whitney made after she returned from a semester abroad in Spain. I remember hovering over the stove watching her cook up a bunch of eggs and potatoes and thinking, “wow, that looks awesome, and really easy!” And then I tried to make one a few months later and totally screwed it up. :D Alas, there was not much room in my college life for cooking endeavors, and those pursuits were moved to the back burner.

But then, I graduated. And got myself a real, grown-up job. And the manager of my department just happened to be pretty awesome at food stuff. One day, she brought in spaghetti squash with alfredo, and I was in awe. “So you’re telling me there’s a squash that looks like spaghetti on the inside? And you cover it in alfredo? I need one. Now.” I found one. I made it. It was awesome. And it’s still one of my favorite dishes! Alfredo—amazing as it is—can be kind of heavy when paired with pasta, so using spaghetti squash is a great alternative. And when my friends at Wisconsin Cheese contacted me about doing a new guest post, I was more than happy to oblige with this. (Especially since it gave me an opportunity to rephotograph the dish, which did make an appearance in all of its icky point-and-shoot glory last year.) So head on over to Wisconsin Cheese Talk and check out the new and improved version!


  1. Dominique says


    I just came across your blog by accident and I love it. So innovative and interesting. I also adore your kitchenware, any particular place you find those sweet bowls and plates?



    • says

      Thanks, Dominique! Most of the dishes seen on here were purchased from the Bennington Potters North store in town, but were from the other collections they carry, not part of the Bennington Potters line of stoneware. I’ve actually had a few people ask about the dishes, and I’ve checked back at the store to try to figure out who they were made by and where they can be purchased online (since none of them are marked). I learned that the brown speckled plate and matching bowl are made by Miya Pottery, and I think the bowl pictured here may be as well. Unfortunately, even with that information, they are still impossible to find online! Sorry — I realize that’s not much help. : Perhaps you might have better luck searching online than I did. You could also try checking out housewares or pottery stores in the area — it’s possible they may have similar random collections like the ones up here.

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