Holiday Giveaway: Winners!

Congratulations to the three randomly-chosen winners of the Homemade Peppermint Patties & Cow Tales giveaway!

Comment #1 | shana : “Homemade turtles. And I would *love* to win your treats!”

Comment #20 | gail {astackofdishes} : “These remind me of Goetz caramel creams that I used to stock in the ice cream parlour/candy store I managed when I was a teen. Wonderful link, thanks! and I like your creams recipe too. Dont like the pasty mint, prefer the creamier. Happy Holidays!”

Comment #10 | Tammy Campbell : “Is that sweetened condensed milk for the recipe? Just making sure :) I make toffee every year and rum balls that the hubby insists on, then scottish shortbread and sugar cookies – and whatever else strikes our fancy :) Can’t wait to try making the peppermint patties this year! :)”

Thank you so much to everyone for your wonderful comments—I wish I had enough to send to you all! But you’ve given me tons of great ideas and inspiration for next year’s goodies, so here’s to dreaming of an absurd abundance of treats in 2012. :)

Happy Holidays!

♥ Carey


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      Yay! Those are my favorite too. Did I tell you about the first time I ever made them—for that fundraiser this past summer? I didn’t try any before the event, and I left half of them in my car and they all melted into a giant block. I was sad but couldn’t bear to throw them away, so I just stuck them in my parents’ fridge. That evening I broke a little piece off to try, and couldn’t believe how amazing it tasted! I continued to pick at the block until I had to head back to VT, and my mom took over from there. :)

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