Apple, Fig, & Brie Panini

Happy 2012, my friends!

So, I have never been much for new year’s resolutions. I’ve made my fair share of personal resolutions, but those just kind of happen when they happen. I’ve always figured that if I’m willing to put off a change until a specific date, I probably don’t really want to do it anyway. But I’m starting to think that maybe I’ve been looking at all of this the wrong way. Perhaps it’s not necessarily about setting goals to accomplish things that you know you should be doing, but more about the need for reflection we all feel as we approach the end of a calendar year, and the subsequent tendency to mentally dogear anything that could be better and resolving to make it so. Does that sound about right? Do I finally get it? :)

Even if I do get it, my proclivity for obsessive personal reflection is probably going to make the new year’s resolution obsolete for me. (My boyfriend once called me a navel-gazer, and I was pretty indignant about it until I googled the term and realized that few truer words have been spoken. :P) However, today marks the very first (and possibly only) time that I make a resolution that just so happens to coincide with the beginning of the year, thereby making it a new year’s resolution!

Today, while piling some tasty hot bar food into a to-go container, I heard a woman somewhere behind me sneeze. My first instinct was to say “bless you,” but she sounded just far enough away that I decided doing so might be weird (I do awkward, overly-nice things quite often). Then, as if by magic, said woman materializes next to me, opens her villainous, thin-lipped mouth, and unleashes the following statement, in what is probably the snottiest voice I have ever heard: “Well, that is the first time I’ve sneezed in public and haven’t gotten a ‘god bless you.'” OK psycho, first of all, I doubt that’s true. Second, apparently my decision not to say it in the first place was the correct one, since you certainly don’t deserve any courtesies or blessings! But do I say any of this? Oh no. The sharp tongue that serves me well around friends and family is rendered useless in unexpected, awkward situations. So instead of silently staring at her or responding with “you’re sooo good lookin'” (to see if she has any redeeming qualities, like being a Seinfeld fan), I meekly say, “. . . bless you?” To which I receive a snide, “Thank you.”

So my [new year’s] resolution: To save my niceness for those who deserve it (and let those who don’t know that they don’t). Maybe if Mrs. Sneezy-Pants had eaten a delicious sandwich like this before she went out in public, she wouldn’t have felt compleled to be such a giant B.

Apple, Fig, & Brie Panini

  • two slices of whole grain bread
  • thinly-sliced apples (I’d recommend something tart, like Fuji or Pink Lady)
  • fig jam
  • brie cheese
  • butter, softened

Place a non-stick or panini pan over medium heat. Spread fig jam on the inside of each slice of bread, then layer with apples and cheese. Spread butter on the outside, then fry until each side is browned and crispy. (Cover with a lid for a few minutes if the bread is browning but the brie hasn’t quite melted.)

This sandwich is decadent. It’s like eating dessert for lunch! But hey, it’s got apples and whole grain bread—that’s totally not violating any dietary resolutions. :)

Happy New Year!


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    One of the best things of paninis is that you can make any combination you like, my favorite is always combining cheese with fruit and your panini is pretty much what I love to make, it looks delicious

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    I have not tried this yet, I just stumbled on your blog a bit ago and was impressed with the photos – great job! However, the recipe looks really good, so I am gonna have to try it! Thanks for posting!

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