Kombucha Berry Oat Smoothie

Lately, I’ve been feeling very, very lucky that I don’t experience spring allergies. This season seems to be especially hard on everyone in the Northeast, thanks to the mild winter. The boyfriend spent the past week suffering through what I concluded was hay fever, the symptoms of which seemed invulnerable to various allergy med cocktails. (He isn’t quite so sure about my diagnosis, but it doesn’t seem possible that I wouldn’t have caught whatever he had unless it was allergy-related. So if he wants to find fault in my 5-minutes-of-googling-say-this theory, the only other possible conclusion I can reach is that I have a superhuman immune system, which totally rules.)

While I may not be dealing with allergies, I do find myself experiencing another springtime affliction: zombie hunger. Each day, I am suddenly stricken with an all-consuming need to feed (on things of the non-human flesh variety), and god help anyone or anything that gets in my way. I attribute this to a spike in my metabolism, thanks to the spring crazies, which actually leaves me with a bit of a dilemma. This metabolism boost causes my body to start shedding its winter . . . *ahem* . . . insulation. And this year I am high-fiving myself for keeping up my daily workouts through the winter, because emerging from beneath this insulation are abs. Honest to goodness abs!

(I know, so what’s the problem, right?) The problem is that zombie Carey wants bread, eggs, and cheese. LOTS OF ALL OF IT. But those damn abs, I can hear them whining at me, “Please, puhlease, don’t bury us again! Just look at us, then think about it!” Errrrrrruuugggh, FINE, I’ll make a smoothie instead. Just shut up, stupid abs.

I really do love smoothies, actually. I get to throw a bunch of stuff together then let a machine blend it up into a delicious, drinkable treat. Maybe I snack on a couple pieces of cheese while the machine does the work for me. Whatevs. Smoothies are also excellent ways to utilize healthy things you can’t really handle on their own. For me, it’s a great way to drink kombucha. Before I go any further, is everyone familiar with kombucha? I ask because my brother recently had an experience at the café where he works that was pretty much this scene, if you replaced beer with kombucha and a loveable dork with an obnoxious tourist that insisted my brother, “taste this . . . taste this,” until he was finally able to make the man understand that that was indeed how the drink was supposed to taste.

Jerky tourist or not, I understand the reaction. (Especially since he was probably expecting a delicious juice. Ha!) So when my boyfriend suggested I try one of the kombucha smoothies they make at his café, I was extremely hesitant. “Carey, trust me, you will like it. I promise.” I couldn’t really say no to that without feeling like a fussy child, so I did try it. And I did like it. A lot. It gives the smoothie a great tang, and the rest of the ingredients mask the in-your-face vinegary-ness. Zombie Carey is happy. The abs are happy. Hurray smoothies!

Kombucha Berry Oat Smoothie

I’m not 100% sure about the accuracy of these measurements, since I just know how everything should look when I add it to my food processor. Adjust as needed!

  • around 1 1/2 cups of berries
  • 2/3 cup of kombucha (I love elderberry)
  • 1/3 cup of pomegranate juice
  • 3 tbsp of vanilla honey greek yogurt
  • 1 tbsp of almond butter
  • a small handful of oats

I use frozen berries so I like to chop some of the bigger strawberries and blackberries up first. Then throw everything in your blender or food processor and let the thing go to town! If it seems a little thick, just add in a bit more juice. (A good rule of thumb for a proper liquid-to-solid ratio is you should be able to see the liquid nearing the top of your solid ingredients, but it shouldn’t cover them entirely.)

Tip from me: Check to see if you have straws before you make a smoothie. I didn’t before my first smoothie of the year, and that was a mistake. I tried to drink it without one, but it was utterly unenjoyable. So I improvised with a plastic thermometer sleeve.


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    I have yet to try kombucha. I’ve seen it laying around at the whole foods and mentioned in that satiric whole foods music video. Did you see that one? Hi-larious. What workouts have you been doing? I did the round of Insanity and just finished the Asylum. Next week I start the Insanity/Asylum hybrid workouts. Love them. I too discovered my abs this season! Never thought it would be possible. Keep up the great work!

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      Hehe! I did! (People definitely freaked out here when the FDA did their recall. :P)

      I have been in love with this workout for about five years now. Back in 2007 I worked on this book, and it left me with major respect for and awe of the physical requirements of dance — ballet in particular. So I did some research on ballet workouts until I came across the Peter Martins book, and it’s been my go-to inspiration ever since. I’d been lazy about keeping up with it in recent years, but I finally got back into a regular routine around this time last year. It’s amazing what stretching and low-impact workouts can do for physiques! When I’m doing this workout and riding my bike regularly it makes me feel like I have massive robot legs that could kick down doors. :D

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    Oh, it’s not just the northeast suffering under the scourge of allergy season this year–it’s been really bad in CA too. That smoothie does sound like a great distraction from the copious sneezing, though. :)

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    OK, I’ve never tried kombucha either, which is crazy because I make my own yogurt and sourdough bread–but it kind of weirds me out. This is a perfect way to get trying it though. Lovely photos, I love how you put all the ingredients in a shot, that must take a lot of time. I see by the way that we are neighbors in New England!

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      We are! I’m in Burlington, VT. :)

      I know what you mean about kombucha, especially with the “babies” that are found in most of the bottles. The stuff I’ve been buying seems pretty well-filtered, but I will still pour a new full bottle through a tea sieve to catch any grossness lurking at the bottom. I’m really glad I’ve finally found a way to enjoy the stuff though, especially since it has a number of supposed health benefits.

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    Oh man, I make something like this every other day. One of my girlfriends got me into kombucha, but the taste is all kinds of foul. It’s a great substitute for yogurt and honey in a smoothie as it is slightly sweet and fully of probiotics.

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      Seriously! I guess it’s an acquired taste, though I doubt I’ll ever develop a love for the drink on its own. But it’s great in smoothies!

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      It definitely retains a bit of its fizzy tang, especially if I go with 100% kombucha and leave out the pomegranate juice. I absolutely love what it does for smoothies! I’m hoping that I’ll eventually acquire a taste for it as is, without needing to dilute it like a wimp. :)

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      Thanks, Lucy! I’ve heard about these things — I should look into them a little bit more (especially because they’d make pretty photo props too!).

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