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Hey everybody! I have a couple tidbits of news to share, and I was hoping we could chat about them over one of my favorite spring snacks. Yes? OK!

So there are a couple giveaways in the works, and I thought I’d give you a heads up about them. (They’re both really good, and I don’t want anyone to miss out because I just threw them out there without warning.) The first is a joint-giveaway between me and Nicole Russo — a style consultant based out of NYC. Nicole will be supplying the awesome part of the giveaway (a gorgeous Alexis Bittar bracelet!), and I will be chiming in with the hey-dude-let-me-make-something-sweet-to-celebrate-your-awesome-giveaway part (French 77 lollipops). (Yes, that is how we talk to each other. Nicole and I go way back — like high school way back.) The second giveaway is a homemade bitters giveaway. Thanks to BTP’s amazing Bitters book and my tendency to become obsessed with things (especially if it means I get to design labels and put stuff in cute little bottles), I now have eight different varieties of bitters bottled up and awaiting loving homes. So jewelery lovers, sweets lovers, and cocktail lovers — be on the lookout for free things this month!

Oh, and one other thing that may be a point of interest to some — I’m trying out this Instagram thing. Well, apparently I’ve been trying it out for many months now, I just had no idea it was a social network sort of thing until a friend of mine was looking through my phone a month or so ago and said, “Oh, you’re on Instagram? Here, you should follow [insert several friends’ names here].” To which I replied, “‘On’? ‘Follow’?” I immediately pared down the 700 pictures of cats to a borderline-sane number, and now intend to direct it towards more food- (or at least non-kitty) related things. I did experience a few “ugh, Instagram — now everyone with a cell phone can feel like an artist,” sentiments at first, but I got over it and decided it’s a great tool for documenting day-to-day or in-process things. (Especially when your fancy camera isn’t handy or the lighting just plain stinks — which is the case 90% of the time for me.)

And now, one of my favorite spring snacks! Bread, butter, a sprinkle of sea salt, and radishes. It is as simple as it is delicious. Soon enough we’ll all be dining on fresh basil and tomatoes with mozzarella, but right now in my world, the radish is king. If by chance you’ve never tried this before, please do so immediately. It’s simply delightful.


  1. says

    How funny about instagram. I will look you up. I need to figure out hipstamatic now. Love your radishes, indeed it’s a great snack!

    • says

      Thanks, Sara! I’ve been meaning to mess around with hipstamatic too. I really like that it allows you to use different lenses/flashes/film/etc. (although the fact that you have to pay for a lot of them has been a bit of a deterrent). I’m looking forward to using instagram as a blogger, and not a crazy cat lady. :)

  2. Scot says

    I LOVE radishes, butter and salt. A bit of pepper is real good too. I’ve just never thought to put bread under it. Gotta try that! :o)

    • says

      Mmmm, I’ll definitely start adding in a little bit of pepper! I love a nice, spicy radish, and I’m sure the extra kick from the pepper is excellent. :)

      • Scot says

        Usually when tell people to try this they make awful faces and sounds. You have my permission to do the same – but only if you try it.

        Sprinkle a bit of pepper on your strawberries. It is a natural flavor enhancer and it is soooo nice to a strawberry. Or a Kiwi. Or a plum.

        Just a tiny bit, a pinch.

        Try it…

        • says

          I would absolutely try that! I love combining sweet with spicy, and I could totally see how those two compliment each other. Mmmmm. I’ve already started thinking about roasted strawberry and black pepper ice cream! :)

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