Introducing: The Weekly Rewind

Hey guys! Today, I’m trying out something new. Here goes…

If I could pick one thing to improve upon when it comes to this site (let’s pretend for a second that all of those sidebar buttons actually go to real, helpful places with actual information……ugh, the casualties of site redesign), it would be the frequency of my posts. I usually manage one per week, but even that can be a bit of a challenge — especially on the days when my 40+ hr/week book-making job leaves me feeling like the only way to alleviate my stress and annoyance would be to tear all of the books I’ve worked on from my shelves, throw them on top of a pile of manuscripts in the middle of my floor, then set the whole thing ablaze and bask in the warm, soothing glow until there’s nothing left but embers and ash.

Still, I want to do more here. And not just because I enjoy taking pictures and typing out all the blather bouncing around in my head. Over the past several months, I feel as though I’ve finally started to become comfortable with my voice on this site. In the beginning, this was all very strange territory for me, and I was cautious. I watched my mouth. I muted opinions that I thought could maybe, possibly offend someone somewhere in the world. In short, I tiptoed. There was food. And there were words about food. And it was all good fun, but it didn’t totally feel like me. Since I’ve started acting more like myself, it seems like the dialogue my posts initiate has improved as well. And that’s only natural, I suppose. The great thing that I’ve come to realize about the Internet is there’s so much out there. Sometimes, people will choose to state their disagreements with you. (To this day, this comment is one of my favorites. I spent about an hour contemplating the most tactful way to explain why I thought “nut cheese” was gross.) But for the most part, those who don’t enjoy what they find in one place will just move on to another. And so, I think it serves me well to just be myself, and enjoy the benefits of garnering a like-minded readership. (You guys, after all, are my favorite thing about this whole blog business, and the reason I respond to every comment!)

So, in an effort to be more engaging, give shout-outs to bits of inspiration I’ve found during the week, and shake the post-after-post monotony up a bit, I’ll be doing Weekly Rewind posts every weekend. Some if it will be food. Some of it will not. I do promise that subsequent posts will not be as wordy as this. And just a warning: if nothing particularly interesting/photogenic is happening on my desk in the morning, there maybe be pictures of cats instead. In fact, here’s one now:

And now, without further ado…

1. This weekend, these cookies happen. I knew I wouldn’t have time to whip up a batch of ice cream along with them, but then I remembered that the local market had Jeni’s Pumpkin 5-Spice ice cream the last time I was there. This could get out of hand.

2. I think the judicial system should incorporate embarrassment into punishments more often, especially for things as unbelievably stupid as this.

3. I need these straws.

4. The gorgeous beginnings of bitters. I can’t wait to see what Eva does with these!

5. This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. No contest.

6. I am dying to make this bread. (Especially because it gives me an excuse to buy more Pyrex.)

7. I know this is true because I’ve seen my cat come bursting out of the bushes across the street with a poor animal in his mouth on several occasions, yet none of them seem to find their way to my doorstep.

8. I am so excited about this book, and it’s finally available for pre-order!

9. This winter, I will make pine needle syrup.

10. Coming up next: I have been obsessing over Deb’s suggestion of making a savory version of her pop tarts for years now. I finally did it, and they were AMAZING. There’s garlic. And kale. And cheese. And cauliflower purée. (Here’s a sneak peak.) Stay tuned!


  1. says

    Yay! I love this. The “frequency” of posts on my site lately has been…well, yeah. It’s in quotes, because it’s not happening. Let’s not talk about it. I always look forward to new posts from you!

    Also: CAT!! Oh my gosh, what a cutie! My cat will literally lay down on my hands as I’m typing. It’s annoying, but then she gives me her “I’m so cute” face and I have to give her a little attention. But just a little. She’s never satisfied!

    • says

      She’s the newest kitty in the house! At the risk of sounding like a crazy cat lady, that makes three… I HAD to adopt her though. She was part of a litter of three tiny kittens a co-worker of mine found after someone had stuffed them in a box and abandoned them behind someone’s house. I adopted her brother, and a friend of mine took her. Then the friend got a dog that she didn’t like and now he’s moving, so I said I’d be happy to take her and reunite her and her brother. It is bizarre how alike they are (from their temperaments to the way they move) despite the fact that they haven’t seen each other in over six years.

      I’m excited to finally be doing posts like this. It’s a fun way to give people insight into my non-food interests too. Also, I’m hoping it will keep me disciplined around the holidays, as that’s when I really tend to slack when it comes to regular posting!

  2. Christina says

    I actually look forward to bloggers’ link posts; it’s kind of like Christmas every day. And cat pictures are always welcome. Always.

  3. says

    Man, those straws are LOVELY. And pine needle syrup sounds very intriguing! I don’t know of any pine trees around here but maybe I’ll try my hand at it too when I go up to Oregon for Christmas. Thanks for including me :)

    • says

      I bought them! And now, I think I’m destined to make birch soda. (I already started looking into buying birch syrup online…because I am the queen of letting weird fixations spiral out of control.) I am so curious about that pine needle syrup. I’m looking forward to cooking up a batch at my parents’ place in upstate NY when I visit for Christmas. It seems ideal for the holidays, and it will be really interesting to see how my parents react to me doing that… :)

  4. says

    Okay, there are too many things I want to say, so I’ll make a list:

    1. You’ve found your voice! That’s awesome. Actually, you’re awesome, and I’m really happy to hear that you’ll be posting more!

    2. Yes, to whole wheat chocolate chip cookies with Jeni’s 5-spice ice cream! And that peasant bread looks irresistible.

    3. Glad to see that your, er, fermented beverage addiction rages on. :)

    4. Your newest kitty is adorable! ADORABLE!

    5. Those savory pop tarts look so lovely in the low light.

    6. And finally, please tell me more about this book-making job. I’m thinking you mean something less literal than actually binding physical books?

    • says

      Thanks, Linda! This year seems to be the one where a lot of things clicked, from my approach to writing to my actual understanding of how my camera works (that was a revelatory experience — I’m not even sure how it happened, which kind of made me feel even more “one with the camera”).

      And these cookies — ridiculously good. It might sound weird, but they make me feel so cozy. Like I should be eating them next to a fireplace with a glass of milk.

      Oh my job… :) I’ve spent the past 8+ years doing project management and book layout (mostly the latter) for various academic publishers. I work from home (which is awesome, of course) and I do enjoy what I do on many levels, but then there are just THOSE DAYS — last Friday being one of them. It was funny, I just took on another project from a newer client and one of my bosses chimed in on the email trail to say something about showing them my blog. I am still trying to imagine what someone would think of working with me if they read this post. I might have anger issues and a strong belief in the cleansing power for fire, but I can typeset the hell out of a book!

      (I have taken so many pictures of the new kitty, it’s ridiculous. She does this thing where she likes to lay on her back and sun her belly when there’s lots of warm light streaming through the windows. SO CUTE, I can’t stand it.)

  5. Foodjunkie says

    I like this idea. Thanks for pointing us to that bread recipe. Lot’s of folks seem to find bread making therapeutic but not me; I don’t have the patience (also for reasons unknown I HATE the feel of flour so the less I have to handle it the better). On the other hand I love fresh bread so this will be tried in the near future.

  6. says

    I’m fairly new to your blog, but I really love what I’ve seen so far! I also know what you mean about trying to find your voice when you’re blogging. I’ve had mine for five years now, and after a few very hideous internet stalker moments, I’ve lost my voice. Trying to find it again is really difficult.

    Beautiful photos, your cat is adorable. x

  7. says

    I really appreciated this post. I’ve been blogging for 6 years (yikes) now and I still feel like I’m finding my voice in it all. It’s hard to tune out the voices telling me what I think people will want to see, read or make. But I’m happiest when I’m writing the stories I want to remember, cooking the food I love and posting the images that make me happy.

    Happy to have found your little home on the web.

    • says

      Ahh! Having a little starstruck moment. (I adore your blog.) Aaand, I’m back.

      It has been an interesting experience trying to sort out what I want to make and how I want to write about it here (and that’s something I’m sure will go on for a long while, even though I’m feeling more comfortable these days). When I started doing this, I assumed my biggest struggle would simply be learning how to use a camera, and I couldn’t have been more wrong (although that certainly was an obstacle — and one I’m still wrestling with). But it’s been amazing to see the difference in my posts when I’m writing about something I have enthusiasm for, and not holding back on what I want to say and how I want to say it. Some of the posts I’ve enjoyed writing the most have also had the best responses from readers, so I like to think that other people can see when we’re really, truly writing as ourselves. :)

  8. says

    I’m so happy to stumble upon your blog and will come back to visit. Love the kitty pictures. I have one, she’s adorable, but I wish she would stay put long enough for me to take her picture. Often times she saw me watching her and just started moving (and purring).

    • says

      So glad you found me! This kitty actually likes to move around a lot when I break the camera out. (I have to cringe a little when I think about how many cat pictures I would have if she were more cooperative — it would be in Crazy Cat Lady territory.)

  9. says

    “There was food. And there were words about food. And it was all good fun, but it didn’t totally feel like me!” I’ve never been able to explain this feeling…THIS IS IT! I’m going to apply this to posts from now on and if I read it and think… hmmm that’s from a text book – out it shall go! Thanks!


    • says

      :D I’m really glad that description spoke to you too. Finding your voice through blogging is an interesting experience. There’s a Barthes passage from A Lover’s Discourse that I read many years ago that has always stuck with me throughout various attempts at writing: “To know that one does not write for the other, to know that these things I am going to write will never cause me to be loved by the one I love (the other), to know that writing compensates for nothing, sublimates nothing, that it is precisely there where you are not — this is the beginning of writing.” While this particular passage was referring to a lover-other relationship, I think it speak volumes to the way we write in general. Once I stopped worrying about how my words would be received and just wrote what I wanted, for myself and for like-minded people, things felt a lot more natural. :)

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