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Hey everyone! This rewind is quite overdue, considering that I did not post one last week (and opted for cookies instead). I’ve been buried under a pile of job-work the past couple weeks (the weight of which became even heavier when I realized that last Friday was the 7th, not the 6th [which I’d had in my head all week, and arranged my schedule based on that]……derrr). Add to that a virus on my desktop from trying to find free downloads of fonts that I should be paying for (probably one of the dorkier ways to get a computer virus), and it’s been a bit of a mad scramble for me to get back on track while digging things of my pathetically unorganized back-up drive. But things are calming down a little bit. And yesterday I had the chance to make not one, but TWO cookies from The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee. (Well, we’ll say one and a half, as the dough for the double chocolate cookies is still sitting in the fridge, waiting to be baked this afternoon. FYI: If I wind up with salmonella, it’s Valrhona’s fault, because I can’t stop snagging little bits of the über chocolatey raw dough.)

1. Now this is my kind of Christmas tree.

2. I love this headline. (Also contributing to the global cuteness factor: the kodkod, the stoat [for cute-only viewing, stop that video halfway through], and this kitten.)

3. I NEED THIS. It’s $10, the details will melt away in a matter of minutes, and I don’t care. It’s awesome.

4. I love when other countries pick up Onion articles and mistakenly publish them as true stories.

5. Anti-stress for free! Genius.

6. An amazing series of tiny, detailed figures in food environments (complete with silly captions) by Christopher Boffoli. You can see more pictures in this NPR article, too.

7. Another fascinating (albeit, slightly morbid) series involving food.

8. Did you know that you can temper chocolate with a food processor?! I still can’t believe I didn’t, but I can’t wait to try it now that I do!

9. Oooo, I want some! I mean, it’s expensive as hell, but still……want it.

10. I have been waiting for them to make more of these, and they did. (Apparently they did it a couple months ago, and I haven’t been paying attention.) And there are missed connection ones as well.

On a final note, I would like to recognize the fact that many of us greeted the weekend with heavy hearts following the tragedy that unfolded in Connecticut on Friday. At times like this, it is in our nature to seek out answers to the questions, “why?” and “how can we prevent this from ever happening again?” We see calls for tighter gun control peppering the headlines. We want to know more about the shooter, to understand how someone — someone made of the same basic bits and pieces we all are — could possibly do something so horrific. And while both of these issues carry significant weight of their own, they can easily thrive and eclipse the stories of the victims (especially in mainstream American media). These stories are hard to read. They remind us that no matter how much we learn or do now, we still cannot undo what happened. But right now, they are far more important than anything else. As friends and families in Newtown and elsewhere grieve, the best support we can offer is to understand who they’re grieving for. If you haven’t already, you can take a moment to read about the victims here, and stories of heroism here, here, and here. (And please feel free to share any additional article links.) I know I speak for everyone when I say that our hearts and our thoughts will be with the victims’ families and community this holiday season.


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    You find the best things around the Internet! I like to look at Christopher Roffoli’s food photos every once in a while. I have always been obsessed with all things miniature. The other photography series is gorgeous (and yes, also morbid).

    My heart hurts for those children, those teachers, their families, and their community. I can’t even begin to express these emotions verbally. I just know that I’m going to see my siblings this week, and I’m going to hug them as many times as I can.

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      It’s funny, I have two friends (one of whom is also a telecommuting co-worker) that do a very good job of sending me a steady stream of awesome/funny things via gchat throughout the work day. I appreciated it before because it kept me from falling asleep, but now it also provides me with a lot of material for these posts! I have a heavy fascination with true crime, so that Henry Hargreaves was just a big WOW for me.

      It took me a long while to write that last paragraph. It seems like no sufficient combination of words exists to truly express feelings about what happened. But seeing so many people rush to bicker about gun control on Facebook in the hours following the news left me feeling a little frustrated, and even more disheartened. I told myself Sunday morning that I was going to write about what I thought was most important of all, even though it would be hard, and even though I probably wouldn’t feel it was adequate. (Definitely better to get it out here than to tell people I really don’t know that well on FB to just STFU for a GD minute.)

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      Yessss, I want to go to that pizza place! We need to hang out, it has been way too long.

      Speaking of which, I owe you an email! And I need to talk with Johnny about NYE plans — I would love to have them be in NY. Maybe I could even splurge on some $85 monk beer, and we could secretly drink it in the closet when no one was looking. :D

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    Carey, these links are great! That Christopher Roffoli series is genius (and the captions make it a million times better)! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Chris’s mom is a first grade teacher, so the news really affected her on a personal level. I can’t even imagine how the families of all the victims must feel, but the impacts of this event definitely ripple outward and touch all of us. (And I’ve gotta say, I find some of the media response pretty infuriating. All that talk about the violence in television and video games seems so far from the heart of the matter.)

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      The media definitely has a knack for whipping the public up into a frenzy. It seems like there’s always a big rush to blame (which was especially true in this case, when they wrongly reported the Ryan Lanza as the shooter, instead of his brother Adam).

      I love that mini food-art series so much! You can order card sets of the prints too, which is awesome. I don’t know if I could actually bring myself to use them, though. :)

  3. Celestine says

    I’ve been enjoying Reclaiming Provincial for the last few months and love checking out the latest rewind. Thanks so much for the cool and interesting links.

    BTW- I had never heard of a shrub (besides the ones planted outside) before discovering you. Thanks for that!

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    Thanks for the link love :)

    I need to put that Blue Bottle book on my Christmas list asap it seems! I loved their coffee, but didn’t get a chance to try any of the food when I was in San Francisco this summer.

    Wait. There are more of those yelp reviews!? Omg, I am literally going to spend the next hour of my life catching up on them :’)

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      The BB book is so lovely! They get super geeky about coffee, and the recipes look amazing. (Both cookies I’ve made so far have been awesome.)

      Those yelp reviews……I could watch them forever. Thank god there’s an ample supply of crazy out there. :P

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