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Hi everyone! Today’s rewind is a brief one (and not entirely related to this past week, exactly). I’ve been super busy the past several weeks, but it’s getting to the point where I should consider changing the name of this series to Monthly Rewind or Fortnightly Rewind, so it’s time for me to stop slacking!

Also, I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m not quite sure what the next couple of weeks will bring in terms of posting. Back in November, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. After some hellish waiting for tests and MRI results, it was determined that the best course of action would be a mastectomy. Her surgery is this coming Wednesday, and I will be spending the remainder of January with my parents, helping out with whatever I can while my mom recuperates. It looks like there’s a good possibility she won’t need any treatment following the surgery, so as of right now I’m looking forward to helping her through a speedy recovery. I’m hoping I’ll have the opportunity to do some photography down there as well, so I can still keep up with things here. At the very least, I have a couple of posts in the queue (one of which involves the above cauliflower, and will definitely be making an appearance early next week).

Now, this week’s rewind has taken on a little bit of an unusual theme. In part because I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to pay attention to many things outside of work. I have, however, developed a bit of an obsession with the tv show American Horror Story. J and I started watching it a little over a week ago, and we’re already caught up. (I’ve stopped having disturbing dreams despite watching four episodes in a row before bed — I’m not sure how I should feel about that.) It was shaping up to be one of my favorite shows anyhow, between the variety of macabre subjects it somehow manages to meld together and the mere presence of Jessica Lange (not to mention Zachary Quinto and a cameo by Franka Potente in the second season). And then they threw in an unexpected surreal musical number a couple episodes ago, and I nearly died from delight. I resisted the urge to make J rewatch the scene seven times right then (as he doesn’t exactly share my affinity for song and dance routines), but I have since watched it many times over on youtube. If you’re considering watching this show or aren’t quite caught up on episodes, this won’t really ruin anything for you.

And in the spirit of musical silliness, I’d like to share a few more music-related moments from some of my favorite shows.

1. E has been watching Community, which means I get to rewatch episodes here and there. Troy and Abed’s Spanish and Anthropology rap bits……so good.

2. A friend of mine has been watching Freaks and Geeks, which has me reminiscing about some of my favorite scenes. These include: Mr. Rosso singing Eighteen, Mr. and Mrs. Weir listening to The Who, and Bill showing Sam and Neal how to dance sexy.

3. The creation of Charlie’s Dayman song. And his songwriting genius in general.

4. Thanks primarily to Andy Bernard, The Office is chock full of musical hilarity. This includes: Andy and Jim geting drunk after hours and singing “Closer to Fine”, Jim annoying Karen with Lovefool, and Andy forgetting the words to the Kit Kat jingle (alas, it was not a cat food).

I think that should suffice. At this point it’s probably obvious that I watch entirely too much tv!


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    Sending lots of love, wishes, and prayers to you, your mom, and your family this week for a speedy recovery! I hope your mom kicks that cancer right in the butt! That’s really great that you get to spend the next couple of weeks with your parents. I imagine they will really appreciate your help and support.

    I have to try very hard not to watch any new television shows, because I get sucked in so easily. My most favorite show, Psych, is doing a musical episode this next season, and I absolutely cannot wait! I really want to watch American Horror Story, though. Kevin and I are trying to get caught up on Mad Men and finish the last season of The Wire, then we can branch out and watch something new.

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      Thanks, Brianne. :) It’s times like this I’m especially thankful to have a job that I can do from almost anywhere. We’re definitely all looking forward to putting this surgery behind us!

      Ooo, Psych and The Wire are two tv shows I have yet to watch. I adore Mad Men, though. When Johnny was living in Florida, I brought the first two seasons with me when I went down to visit him for a couple weeks. I blew through all of them before I left, watching them in between when I wrapped up work and when he got out of work in the evening. I finally convinced him to rewatch the entire season with me a couple years ago, and now he’s hooked too.

      I cannot say enough good things about American Horror Story. It’s definitely not a tv show for the faint of heart (I had horrible nightmares the first three or four nights of our binges), but it’s just so good in an f-ed up way. Beyond appealing to macabre fascinations, I dig the fact that the story changes every season, but many of the same actors remain. I love seeing an actor who played so-and-so in one season taking on a completely different role in the next. (The whole concept is pretty genius on Murphy and Falchuk’s part, since they get to tackle something completely different once a season wraps up, and they don’t need to worry about long term plot/character development.) I’m dorking out about this now so I’ll stop. But I definitely recommend checking it out once you’ve finished up Mad Men and The Wire!

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    Oh Carey! I’m so sorry to hear about your mom! I hope all goes well on Wednesday and that her recovery is speedy and complete! Please bake lots of cookies for her—it’s the best post-surgery food, don’t you think? (Well, in my world at least, haha.)

    I don’t watch very much TV (except Mad Men! Don Draper!), but I did watch The Office up until the writer’s strike (I hate it when characters become parodies of themselves, and that’s what I felt was happening) and I kind of fell for Andy. He’s so… pathetic! And sad, and earnest, but he tries. Have you seen Jeff, Who Lives At Home? It’s a really good movie, and Ed Helms is really good!

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      Thanks, Linda. :) I’m ready for some pretty epic food pampering in the coming weeks. Definitely plenty of recovery sweets! Johnny wanted to send some sort of get-well present, but my mom is allergic to flowers. I told him to send her some cherry cordials from the local chocolatier instead — she will love that. (I also came prepared with an arsenal of super healthy foodstuffs. My parents eat pretty healthy as it is, but there are a few things they don’t really eat [like kale and brussels sprouts] that they’re about to become very familiar with when I’m running the kitchen! It’s kind of sadistic how much I’m looking forward to feeding them things they might not like. MY HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED.)

      I adore Andy. (Also Mad Men/Don Draper *swoon*. And I want ALL the clothes.) I actually haven’t watched The Office all the way up to the new ones yet. Johnny and I have been watching through them regularly on Netflix, and we’re up to Jim and Pam’s wedding. (Though I’ve seen a lot of random episodes after that — like around when Pam has the baby and Andy is dating Erin and running the office.) I just want Michael and Holly to get back together and live happily ever after. I hope that happens!

      Oh wow, I saw a preview for Jeff, Who Lives At Home, and then I completely forgot to watch it! I definitely need to see that. Ed Helms and Jason Segel — together they can do no wrong.

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    Your mom is in my thoughts and prayers Carey, so sorry to hear that. Wishing her the speediest and fullest of recoveries. Sending positive vibes your guys’ way!

    And yes, American Horror Story is the best!! Watched season 1 obsessively last month and now we’re watching season 2. Ending up seeing 8 episodes total over the weekend. So addicting! And I totally agree that Charlie’s Dayman song is comedic poetry. I know it’s not musical, but kitten mittens is probably my favorite thing from that show ever. Poor cat! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fP4emqw7O4

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      Thanks, Eva! My mom is already taking full advantage of my presence and offered me the “opportunity” to cook dinner tonight. :)

      Ahh! Would you believe that we just re-watched the Kitten Mittens episode last weekend? (Also the wine in the can episode.) I. Adore. Charlie. Kelly. One of my favorite scenes of his is when Dennis and Mac set him up to meet a girl through some online dating site, and he orders the “milk steak boiled over hard and a side of your finest jelly beans (raw, of course).” Also, did you catch that the guy from the three crime re-enactors in season 1 of American Horror Story was Dee’s boyfriend from the Sweet Dee is Dating a Retard episode? I think that might have been what got me wanting to watch some It’s Always Sunny again!

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    My thoughts will be with you and your family, Carey! I hope your mom makes a speedy recovery.

    “Donde esta la biblioteca?” – me and my friend know all the lyrics to that Community rap :’) those last parts of the show are always the best!

    Also on another musicy note, I went to see Pitch Perfect (which is HILARIOUS) which led to me spending 2 hours with my friend, learning the ‘Cup Song’ (thank you youtube tutorials -_-). It’s now driving me crazy because every time I see an empty cup, I want to turn it upside down and start smashing the cup on the table making a ummm… ‘rhythm’, which is just… awkward at the best of times.

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      Thank you, Izy! :)

      I would totally watch a Troy & Abed spin-off if they ever made it. It would be so ridiculous that I don’t think it could ever be boring.

      omg, I want to see Pitch Perfect stupidly bad, and there’s no way Johnny would EVER watch it with me. That’s definitely one I’m going to watch on my own (and then spend many more hours memorizing songs). YES.

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    When my dad was recovering from his cancer surgery there were lots and lots of movies, mostly comedy and the darker the humor the better. Looks like your head is in the right place.

    Good luck – your family is in my thoughts:)

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      That’s exactly what I was thinking, Laura. :) I came prepared with some things, not to mention my general, obnoxious humor! It seems like much of this fight is mental/emotional. I’m so glad I can be here to help out, in whatever way I can.

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    Oh, Carey, I am so very sorry to hear about your mom. A friend of mine recently went through something similar and started a blog to sort through her feelings: http://theyoungandthebreastless.wordpress.com/ . If it helps to get more information (for either you or your mom), give it a read. It’s funny, and true, and bare, and amazing. Wishing her a speedy and full recovery, and you plenty of strength to cook, entertain, and otherwise dote on your mommy.

    Also, for a witty, funny, and guaranteed amusement, watch Wanderlust. Even if you don’t dig Jen Aniston. Yeah, I called her Jen. We’re on a nick-name basis. ;) It’s by the people who did The State, among other offerings, and based on what you listed above, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it. Sounds like you all could use a laugh. xoxo

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      Thanks so much, Kati. :) And especially for passing along the link to your friend’s blog (what a great name!). I think it’s so helpful to know what others went through or are currently going through. My mom knows a few other people in the area that were also recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and I could tell that she felt a lot better (or at least more prepared) after she talked to them.

      Ooo, I have not seen Wanderlust, but I love Jennifer Aniston and The State! I must watch this.

  7. Sogol says

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family Carey. It’s always tough when these challenges are placed ahead of us, but I wish your mom a speedy recovery.

    Don’t you love Community, my sig other turned me on to it and it was by far one of the best shows that I’ve seen. I’ve been playing catch up with Mad Men and re watching Arrested Development and Felicity (you need some good 90’s angst drama always).

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      Thank you, Sogol. :)

      Oh wow, Felicity! I haven’t watched that show in so long. (I had a ’90s throwback Buffy marathon a couple of years ago, and it was THE BEST.) I’ve also been thinking about re-watching Arrested Development! Eeeeee so many good ideas.

  8. Celestine says

    Sending kind thoughts and your way during this difficult time. I hope your mom has a speedy recovery with no reoccurrance.

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