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Hey everybody! As many of you know, this last week was a little……intense, for me and my family. Consequently, I don’t really have all that much to talk about, other than to let everyone know that my mom’s surgery on Wednesday went very well. Frankly, that was probably the toughest 12 hours of my life to-date, so I can’t even imagine what it was like for my mom. But she made it through the operation like a total champ, and I’m so happy to report that the biopsy of her lymph nodes was negative. We heard from the doctor yesterday that her cancer was officially diagnosed as stage 1, which is great. And now we’re just waiting on some final test to determine, for sure, that she won’t need further treatment. So the waiting continues, but so far, so good.

Having to leave my mom in the hospital Wednesday night was a strange thing. But she was in great spirits when we came back on Thursday, and more than ready to get the F out of there. She’s spent the past few days sort of resting, but mostly micromanaging everything I do in the kitchen in between phone calls to friends and family where she recounts every detail of her hospital stay and every side effect of every medication that she’s on.  (It’s abundantly clear that I am my mother’s daughter when she says things like, “the doctor told me I can’t lift over 10 lbs, so I can’t pick up the cats.”) I’m taking care of whatever I can and making my parents strange things they’ve never heard of, like……risotto (really, mom and dad?). And frantically scrambling to get my camera so I can take a million shots of every amazing sunrise and sunset. The only exception to being helpful may have been last night, when my dad and I drank most of a celebratory bottle of wine and then fell asleep around 9:00pm while watching tv, and my mom had to get up and take the remote away from my dad after yelling at both of us proved ineffective.

So, in short, things are good. (Also, I stopped at the liquor store in Oneonta with the intention of picking up some delicious small batch Harvest Spirits applejack, and wound up leaving with applejack AND peach jack. Peach jack, you guys!!)


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    That’s such great news!

    Haha, the risotto thing made me laugh :)

    (p.s that gnocchi was so. flipping. good. and I only cooked half the batch, so I still have some leftover in the freezer wooooooooh!)

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      Oh my god, even I couldn’t believe the risotto thing. My mom loved it though. She said to me today, “That thing you made — the ri……risahtto? That was great. I think I’d make that.”

      Yaaay! So glad you loved the gnocchi. :) That was another one my parents hadn’t heard of, so I think I might try to make that while I’m here!

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      We are so glad everything went well, and SO relieved to have Wednesday behind us. (The surgeon was running behind schedule too, so my mom was all prepped and set up with the IV, and then we’re just sitting there waiting and waiting for this impending scary thing to just be over with. She finally went into surgery almost 2 hours late……yeesh.)

      As I was running back and forth between rooms to get my camera and a different lens, I said to my dad, “I guess maybe amazing sky things kind of get old when you see them every day, huh?” He just laughed.

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      Thanks, Karen! I tried picking up that cats so she could pet them, but that got old fast since one cat hates to be held (and lets you know by stabbing you in the stomach with her claws) and the other one is mildly terrified of me. :)

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    Awesome jawsome about your mom! It also sounds like you’re spending some very quality time with your parents, what with introducing them to risotto and getting drunk with your dad and all. :) Glad all’s well, and I look forward to your next post soon!

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      Thanks, Linda! I’m definitely having fun hanging out with my parents. :) I hope I can put together some sort of post this week! (There are some naan pictures I managed to snap, but I’ve also been keeping the Blue Bottle double chocolate cookies in the queue for nearly a month now. I might be time to show those to the world, with resolutions fading and Valentine’s day coming up!)

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      Thanks, Eva! My mom just got her cumbersome bandages and post-surgery stuff off today and we actually got to go out to dinner at a real restaurant — yay! I think she’s finally starting to feel more like a human being again and less like a big ol’ mess. :)

      I can’t wait to use that peach jack. It smells amazing, but my parents don’t have anything that comes close to a liquor cabinet or mixers in the house. Torture!!

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        Awww that’s so nice! It’s always a relief once you’re able to get back to normal activities that people kind of forget can be difficult if you’re not feeling well, like going out to a restaurant to eat or going shopping at the store.

        P.S. When you open that peach jack I will be with you in spirit. I can’t stop thinking about it! It sounds amazing…

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          I have been dreaming about ways to use that peach jack. I made some ginger-lemon tonic for my dad because he caught a little cold last week, and I was also adding it to my glasses of apple cider. Then I started thinking about it, and it occurred to me that peach jack + ginger tonic + apple cider would probably make for an amazing punch!

  3. Emily says

    Glad to hear things went well with your Mom and she’s on the mend! Hope her recovery continues in the right direction!

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