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Today’s rewind will be short and sweet, because I am exhausted and I have a million things to do to prepare for tomorrow. (Not a good combination!) I had yesterday off, and when I got out of bed at 7:30am, I decided maybe I should straighten up my room a little. I then proceeded to tear apart my entire apartment in an epic fit of spring cleaning. My props are now neatly stacked on an actual shelf. My scarves and sunglasses have been arranged in colorful, rainbow order. Those barely-visible-until-you-stand-on-a-chair cobwebs in the ceiling corners are no more. The entire day flew by. Before I knew it, it was 4:00pm, and I hadn’t paused once. Not for morning coffee. Not for food. Not for Easter shopping (which I had originally planned on doing in the morning). I then devoured a cold, leftover burrito half and washed it down with a beer, and all I wanted to do was take a nap. But I drank an espresso instead, and I just felt weird and crazy. I got up at 6:30am today, despite still feeling rather exhausted (and achy). Then I accidentally taught my cat to high-five this morning and considered just going back to bed, because the day is clearly just going to be downhill from here. But, tomorrow is Easter, and I’m hosting, and I’m psyched! So I just wanted to say hey and give you guys a little run-down of my menu. And I’d love to hear what you’re planning too!

Appetizers: fresh baguette slices, topped two ways — homemade butter, sea salt, and radishes // whipped feta, rosemary, walnuts, and pear-infused honey

Dinner: AB’s city ham // scalloped potatoes // asparagus galette with ricotta, parm, greek yogurt, and pickled mustard seeds // crustless quiche lorraine (I’m not sure if going crustless with this is semi-blasphemous, but I really didn’t want two things in a crust. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with custard and lardons, crust or not, right?) // sauteed green beans with almonds, lemon, and parmesan

Dessert: IF I’m feeling ambitious, I’m going to make the super spring layer cake of my dreams — lemon cake with raspberry jam and hibiscus-infused frosting. If not, probably just a pie of some sort.

Drinks: mimosas (either orange or grapefruit). I’m being lazy with this one, but I think I deserve to be. :)

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

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      Right?! It’s kind of an extension of a trick he already does. If I pat the side of my leg, he’ll stand up on his hind legs and stretch his arms up and lean against me for a few seconds. Yesterday I held my arm out away from my leg a little and he did the same thing, but reached out of his paws out and tapped my hand. I got him to do it two more times, then officially declared it a high-five trick! :D

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    I’m mega impressed by your cat trick – that’s no easy feat! We stalled out on training ours to do anything when he turned his nose up at all treats.

    Easter food sounds way better than Passover food – no fair! ;) Your menu sounds to die for! Custard and lardons is the most poetic phrase I’ve heard all day.

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      Hehe! Yeah, it definitely was not a Kosher- or Passover-friendly menu. : What a crazy day we had! I made and ate so much, and I am SO exhausted today. I probably should have taken the day off to recuperate.

      My cat also dislikes most of the treats I try to feed him. But he seems to think he’s a human, which I guess is probably why he likes to stand up on his hind legs to greet me or to try to open the door himself when he wants to go out, and why he will regularly meow at me like I can actually understand what he’s trying to say. :)

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    I hope it all came out well for you! Which dessert did you end up going with? That cake sounds frigging fantastic. I am holding off on my Easter feast until May 5th for Greek Orthodox easter. And since Jeremy is half Mexican and it falls on cinco de mayo, we are throwing a greek-mexican fusion dinner party. I am REALLY excited about it. I haven’t decided on the exact menu yet, but there will be some sort of lamb burrito happening…

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      We had the best Easter! It was a ton of fun. We ate way too much food, and drank way too much champagne. I actually wound up going with the pie because I went shopping later in the day, and there was no way I was getting a cake done that evening. :( But the pie was delicious (I actually made a blueberry pie and added the pears that had been soaking in the honey syrup overnight). I’m keeping that cake in my pocket for a later date!

      And OMG……a greek-mexican fusion dinner party sounds beyond amazing. Lamb burritos……

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    That line about your cat made me laugh out loud. :D Your menu is inspring, I need a real kitchen again! At the moment I live in the Netherlands and they seem to have something against ovens (I guess that’s why there is the stovetop “Dutch oven”).

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      Hehe — thanks, Sophia! :) And oh man, I can’t imagine a kitchen without an oven. It would be an interesting challenge to cook everything on the stovetop, but I certainly wouldn’t mind a return to a real kitchen when the time came. :)

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