making spinach buns

Hey everybody! I just wanted to pop in and say hi, since I didn’t get a chance to put this post up this weekend. (If anyone has tried to visit my site in the past several days, you may have noticed that it’s been unbearably slow. We still haven’t figured out the issue, despite my admin’s best efforts to hassle the host site into figuring out wtf is going on. So yeah, there may be a need to switch hosts in the very near future.)

This rewind is kind of a random one, since I’ve been a little all over the place (mentally and physically!) the past week or so. Some is food, some is not, and I’m keeping it short and sweet so I can run out the door to a poker game (and hopefully win some money to make up for the impulse purchase mentioned in #2).

1. I am so excited that I finally got to meet Eva of Adventures in Cooking this past weekend! We went to Montreal and braved crazy winds, some snow/hail, and a snotty counter girl at a crêpe stand to see some sights and eat some food (not crêpes). Then we went to my favorite restaurant for dinner, and my favorite bakery the next day. So much food and fun!

2. So apparently, hanging out with food friends and talking photography makes me a little camera crazy. And when I’m feeling crazy (and enjoying the freedom of a credit card that’s nearly paid off), I buy things like this. Because I like new toys, and being debt free is boring. (Seriously though, I’m so psyched!!)

3. SO curious about these roasted snap peas!

4. Love these cupping photos of Izy’s.

5. I desperately want to drink this.

6. This cobbler looks way.too.good.

7. These eggs are so ridiculously gorgeous. Also, I will eat that entire pizza.

8. I recognize more of these cats than these men. Still trying to decide how I feel about that.

9. And last but certainly not least, those of you that have been readers for a while may remember this brownie post and the giveaway my good friend Nicole did last year. She has another giveaway going on, and this one is for a style session/makeover, complete with ridiculously awesome photos taken by her talented boyfriend Clint. If you live in the NYC area (or are willing to make the trip), hop on over to her site and enter! (And even if you don’t happen to live in the area, you can transfer the gift to someone who does.) In addition to being awesome and knowledgeable, she’s silly and fun and a little bit mouthy, so I promise you’ll have a blast. :)


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    So happy you and Eva were finally able to meet! So excited to hear all about the trip from her.

    Congrats on the Mark II. I have it and love it… although the Mark III is calling my name, haha!

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      Thanks, Jade! I am really excited about my upgrade to the Mark II. I’ve actually been fixated on the Nikon D800 for the past few months, but making the move from Canon to Nikon would be quite a switch. I thought about it and decided that upgrading to any full frame at all would be a great improvement from the 60D I’m currently using, and it’ll be nice to have a decent, reasonably priced one to cut my teeth on. Then once I get used to it, I’ll probably get the upgrade itch again. :)

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    Awww! Thank you for the link love, Carey! Now I know why I’m getting so many sweet comments from folks with beautiful blogs. :)

    Congrats on your new toy! Those snap peas, cumin drink, and pizza look insane. I wants them all! And those smokin’ hot kittehs, too. I almost died laughing.

    Fascinated by the coffee cupping, and the pictures are stunning! I thought it was going to have something to do with acupuncture (“cupping” is when they heat glass cups and upend them on your body, which creates suction and leaves big red spots on you, like giant hickeys).

    Also very curious as to what you are rolling in the opening shot? It looks like something I will desperately want to make/eat. :)

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      Oooo, the acupuncture version of cupping sounds intense! So funny how the same word can apply to many very different things. And omg, the cat thing was too funny. The kitty noming on the piano was my lock screen for like six months!

      Those were some spinach & roasted garlic buns I made last week! (Basically like a cinnamon roll, but savory.) I wasn’t very happy with how they turned out, though. So I’m going to work on the dough recipe, and then just reuse these in-process pics, ’cause I like ’em. :)

      Also, I meant to tell you in my comment on your post that I FINALLY got my first batch of rhubarb from the store today! I was really hoping that they’d have ramps and rhubarb, because that would have been the jackpot. But I’ll take what I can get!

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    The noming keyboard cat was the one that made me lose it, along with the one with its legs in the air. Those buns sound incredible – I can’t wait! I’ve been lusting after Smitten Kitchen’s ramp pizza. Sometimes we get a few really expensive ramps in at our co-op, but I have yet to try them. Though I did have ramp spaetzel at a restaurant in SF a couple years ago, and they were like the best thing ever! I will keep my fingers crossed for the both of us, and wait on tenterhooks to see what you do with your rhubarb. :) So glad your site is back to normal!

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      Ooh, I know! I saw that recipe and it almost made me cry, because I’ve been dying for ramps for the past two weeks. Eva had never had them before, and I was so happy they had them on the menu at MLC when we went there for dinner. And oh man, ramp spaetzel sounds ridiculously good. I would eat it ALL. (I’m still trying to figure out how it is that I can dislike onions so much, but think ramps are the most delicious things ever. I don’t think it makes sense.)

      I have been thinking about that rhubarb non-stop, and I’m almost at a loss as to what to do with it, because I have so many ideas, but not one of them is really speaking to me! I think I’m going to spend some time with the flavor bible this morning, for some inspiration. :)

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        Just saw this recipe for ramp scones!!!

        That is funny that you love ramps but not onions, though I can kind of understand it. How do you feel about spring onions, shallots and scallions?

        I get quite overcome with indecision during rhubarb season, too – there are so many things I want to make, and I can’t do them all. And I don’t know how many rhubarb recipes readers will put up with per season.

        You’ve inspired me to get a copy of the Flavor Bible – I don’t know why I’ve waited so long. Brilliant!

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          Oh man, look at those scones! They’re such a gorgeous crispy brown on top too. I caramelized the first of my ramps last night with some carrots and mystery greens, and it was awesome. I swear, ramps make everything they touch delicious. I really like scallions (although I’m partial to the greens more than the bulbs) and I’m not a big fan of shallots. I think maybe it’s a texture thing, although you’d think I’d like caramelized onions at least. Maybe I should try them. ;)

          Yes! You will love the Flavor Bible. It’s been an awesome source of inspiration since I bought it.

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    So stoked for your Mark II!!! I treated myself (ahem, in the biggest way possible), to the same body and a couple new lenses in December and DANG, if I do not regret that at all. Best decision of life. And yes, debt free living is so drab. Living on the edge!

    Hope your hosting troubles are resolved soon. Those are THE worst.

    Lastly, I brought home snap peas specifically to make Ash’s recipe and ended up eating them all raw out of the bag while I was waiting to go to a dinner party, in the manner that one would eat chips. Hopefully I’m more successful next time :S

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      THAT is exactly what I do with the snap peas, always! I buy a giant bag, think about doing something respectable with them, then suddenly the bag is half empty and there’s a giant pile of stems on my desk.

      My admin, geeky ninja that he is, did the host transfer yesterday, and now the site is so much faster! It’s hosted on a “cloud” thang, and there’s a bunch of other sweet server specs that I only kind of understand. There are still a couple kinks to work out, but I’ll take minor issues over a blank timed-out page any day!

      I CANNOT wait to get the new cam — it arrives todaaaay!!! Once I pay that off, I’ll probably treat mahself to some new lenses too. I considered upgrading to the 50mm 1.4 to replace my 1.8, but I’m making myself hold off for a bit, just to see how the 1.8 does. (Also, I’ve had designs on the Zeiss 50mm 2.0 makro lens for like, ever. And if I’m going to upgrade 50mm lenses, I’d really like it to be to that. Maybe I should get another credit card.) :P

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    Re: men vs. cats: ewww, the guy with the curly moustache is horribly unattractive. Is that mean? I guess that’s sort of mean, but he probably has legions of admirers, whoever he is, so I don’t feel too bad.

    I want to try the roasted snap peas! And Alanna’s cobbler! And the blood orange jal jeera, despite feeling slightly leery about adding cumin to a sweet beverage. I’m sure it’s amazing though. And I’m so glad you feel as strongly about the eggs as I. No one else I know understands, Carey.

    Awesome news about the camera upgrade! I definitely think it’s worth investing in your passions (although I probably spend a little too much, haha).

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      LOL. Yeah, I completely agree re: mustache guy — A big ol’ nose ring and facial hair that probably takes half an hour to get all fancy? Not my thing. Probably someone’s thing, somewhere though, so that’s good. :P

      I am super curious about putting cumin in a beverage. I love when something just blows my mind and makes me think, “No way! That’s a thing that people do?”

      I got the cam today and I’m so excited!! Still trying to figure the thing out (without even looking at the manual, of course). I’m realizing there were a lot of things I had assumed about full frame technology that weren’t quite right, or I just didn’t quite understand. Definitely looking forward to getting some hands on learning!

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    Hello! I’m glad I can access your site today :) I hope those hosting issues are solved now. How awesome that you and Eva hung out and hit up Montreal! I really have to haul my ass to Burlington at some point. I mean, really. Have you seen any good rhubarb yet? I haven’t, and I am dying to make that cobbler. And also some roasted blueberry rhubarb jam. And rhubarb syrup for drinking. Or your rhubarb shrub!! Give me rhubarb. Nice haul on the new camera! Your photos already look mad pro; can’t wait to see what comes out of the new model!

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      Yay! I am SO glad my site is finally working. What a total pain in the ass that was! My admin got everything switched over to a super-fast new host site now, and everything has been running great.

      I got my first rhubarb yesterdaaaaaay!!!! The excitement of that was slightly eclipsed by the fact that I received my Mark II today, but I’m still really psyched. It’s not the best rhubarb, I’ll admit (it felt a little bit rubbery), but I’ll take it. I’ll probably wind up roasting it and making it into fruit leather anyway. :)

      You definitely need to come visit Burlington! There’s so much good food, and so many fun things to do, and we would have a blast! I should try to get up to Maine too, since I’ve never been in the state, ever!

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