Hey guys! I totally meant to get this post up over the weekend, but I wound up with a super-full docket on Saturday between gallivanting around the first summer market, making you all a rockin’ pizza (with ramps, oh yeah), snapping some photos of J’s band in the afternoon, then heading down to NY to visit my parents. To all the mothers out there, and to my mom most especially — Happy Mother’s Day! Being around my mom this weekend as she proudly showed off her giant gardens she planted this past week, it’s hard to believe that only four months ago she was lying in a hospital bed recovering from a mastectomy. I love you, mom, and I am so not surprised that you’re totally kicking stupid cancer’s ass.

I haven’t had a chance to do one of these Rewinds in a little while (buried in work, enjoying the spring weather when I actually have a free moment, blah blah bah), so some of these things go back a couple weeks, and might not be new to everyone. If they are, yay! If not, revisiting is always fun. :)

1. Izy’s doughnut post — holy cow. I cannot believe what this girl does with .gifs. If I tried, my brain would melt and my eyes would fall out of my head. Also, THOSE DOUGHNUTS.

2. I am so fascinated by this cake. I just can’t get over it.

3. Kankana made these amazing muffins, and I do not understand how I have yet to eat a savory muffin in my lifetime. That needs to change asap.

4. Alanna made this awesome soda that I am dying to try. And then she made a strawberry caprese salad that might have changed my life. (Tomato chunks, not totally my thing. But strawberries in a salad, plus balsamic — YES.)

5. These pictures from Eva’s trip to VT made me so happy. The greenhouses, the wood fire oven and that pizza, those piggies EATING BAGUETTES!!

6. I am so psyched that Linda bought some ramps, and her ramp pesto looks awesome!

7. Sue has been making some killer frozen treats that actually have me craving hot summer weather. These Thai iced tea pops sound so good, and this amaretto poppy seed ice cream kinda blew my mind.

8. Shelly’s blog is my newest love. I freaked out over these savory waffles, and then I nearly swooned to death over her baklava ice cream.

9. Chris Hadfield, you rule.


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    First, thank you for including me! And the pigs were admittedly my favorite photos of the post :)

    And second, ALL OF THOSE THINGS YOU LISTED SOUND AMAZING. I can’t get over the ice creams, I love the way the poppy seeds look in there, so pretty!! I need to try that sometime, I bet they give it a great texture, too. And you know how I feel about baklava…to have it in ice cream form would be my version of dying and going to ice cream heaven. I MUST try that recipe when my parents eventually come down for a visit, I’m pretty sure it blow my dad’s mind.

    And ten cheers for your mom kicking cancer’s ass, WAHOOOOO!!!!!

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      I know! I am totally amazed by both of those ice creams. I mean, baklava ice cream……I don’t know how I would not eat all of that at once. It’s just too ridiculous. And the poppy seed ice cream sounds so ridiculously good! I really love the addition of liqueurs in ice cream, since the boozy herbal flavors almost always blend so well with all of the creamy dairyness that’s happening. (There’s a Chartreuse ice cream in David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop that I’ve been dying to try. I would also like to experiment with Art in the Age’s ROOT in ice cream. I bet it would be really good.)

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      I know! Once I realized what it was, I stared at it for such a long time. I am trying to imagine what it tastes like. (I mean, aside from just being delicious, which is so obviously is!)

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    Oh my goodness! What a wonderful list! I can’t remember the last time I saw something that sounded as refreshing as those Thai tea popsicles! And that celery mint soda is so intriguing. AND… then the greenhouse pictures gave me the worst case of wanderlust.

    Thanks for the inspiring links! Absolutely love it!

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    that chocolate cake is out of this world but i’m sitting here wondering what i would do with that pan once the novelty of showcasing that cake to people ran its course. that sentence made me sound like such a dream dasher. i’m sorry about that.

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      Haha! I was wondering the same thing. I mean, it’s a giant mold, made for cake-sized stuff. But there’s got to be other neat things that can be done… (Then again, I’d totally pay $12 just to show off that cake one time and make people freak out.) :)

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    Holy moly, I saw that cake popping up everywhere on Pinterest but I thought it was just a chocolate bar with nougat or something inside. Wow. $7 is a pretty reasonable price for a mold, isn’t it?

    Izy’s donuts are gorgeous! Her post triggered some deep, animalistic instinct in me to search out a fluffy glazed donut, but apparently this area is bereft of a decent(ly priced) donut shop. All I could find were Dunkin Donuts, which sell the most lackluster donuts imaginable, or gourmet donut places that, frankly, don’t excite me at all. Don’t you feel kind of sorry for me?

    I tried caramelizing the ramps. Yum. I ate some straight out of the pan, which burned the roof of my mouth but whatever, and then I tossed the rest on pizza. So so good. Thanks for the recommendation! I think I will probably be indulging in more ramps this weekend (but again, it’s a case of a relatively cheap food turned gourmet because of hype – they’re expensive!)

    And, finally, I’m so happy to hear that your mom is showing cancer who’s boss!!!

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      Hehe, yeah! I read the title of the post in my rss feed, then scrolled down and was like….chocolate bar….CAKE?? And then I read the recipe and my mind was blown.

      And I think it is a damn shame that you can’t find a decent donut where you are! It’s so not difficult to make a good, basic donut covered in sugary glaze only and sell it for a reasonable price. I was telling Izy about this stand that used to be at our summer market (sadly, I think they’ve gone out of business now) called Dinky Donuts that was sooo good. They’d have fancy donuts covered in peanut butter and chocolate and bacon and whatnot, but they also sold plain ol’ glazed for $2, and they were so unbelievably delicious.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the caramelized ramps too! My next post is actually a caramelized ramp pizza with ribboned asparagus. :) Gotta get at least one ramp post in!

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    Thanks a bunch Carey for the mention :) Those are some great links. Even though I don’t like ice cream a LOT (I know, I am weird) that baklava ice cream had been on my list for a while now. Also Izy’s doughnut. That kid rocks!

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      Ah! That’s so funny. I’m not sure I’ve ever someone who didn’t love ice cream! :) I’m pretty sure that baklava take on it could turn anyone into an ice cream lover. I can only imagine how good it is!

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    WOOH! thanks for including my doughnuts Carey! :)

    My mind was blown by that chocolate bar cake..I looks so perfect too.

    and ramps are EVERYWAHR! I need to do something with them and pesto and pizza are just the ideal foods food them. Looking forward to seeing that pizza post!

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      I know right? I’m pretty convinced I would screw up making that cake at least seven times before I actually got it to come our right. (I’d also eat all the messed up chocolate covered cake bits, of course.)

      The ramp madness is out of control! It’s so funny, because it feels like everyone has gone totally crazy for them this year, but it might also be that I’m just paying more attention. :P I am totally fascinated by the fact that I love them so much, despite hating onions. It’s a mystery!

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      Thank you, Sneh! So glad I could introduce you to a few new spaces. :)

      And what a bummer about the ramps! I’ve read that they’re mostly found in the northeastern part of the US, but I wonder if they also grow in shady locales in the parts of other countries with similar climates.

  7. Celestine says

    Awesome links left me salivating. Thank youuuu!

    So glad to know there is so much appreciation in the US for Chris Hadfield. He’s a friend of my husband (who is also Canadian). We’re just in awe of all of pics and space antics.

  8. Nicholas says

    Hi I just wanted to say your pictures are so beautiful. In the foodgawker/tastespotting realm where everyone more or less conforms to brightly lit food photographs with bright soothing backgrounds, the contrast of darkness in your photographs, while still maintaining the whole emotion of desiring the food… is fantastic. It is truly inspiring…and i just wanted to say thanks.

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      Thank you so much, Nicholas! I always find myself drawn to the darker, subdued images on foodgawker and tastespotting, and they can be few and far between at times. So glad that mine stood out! (:

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