Guest Post : A Trio of Summer Beverages

A Trio of Summer Beverages

Hey everyone! I am super duper excited to be sharing a guest post over at The Vanilla Bean Blog today. I adore Sarah’s space, and having the chance to occupy it (coupled with the recent unseasonably gross heat wave) inspired some ambitious drink-themed planning. The result was three pretty ridiculously delish drinks. (Also, I shoot with a white background, and I LOVE it. Madness!) So head on over to The Vanilla Bean Blog and check them out. Also, Sarah will be taking a little break this summer, so be on the lookout for lots of other awesome guest posts!

Happy Summer of Fun to Sarah and her family!

A Trio of Summer Beverages


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    Just read through the post and OMG girrrrrrrrl. I am so thirsty right now!!! Those all sounded SO good, and I just love the photos with the white backdrop, there’s just something nice and clean and refreshing about them, goes perfectly with those bright and fruity summer beverages. I am definitely going to try the honeydew one, all the flavors you combined in it sound just friggin’ awesome.

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      Thanks!! Yeah, I knew there would be no way around a white backdrop for these. :P It inspired me to go out a buy some other lighter, muted color fabrics (because that “backdrop” was actually a giant white pashmina scarf), so we’ll see if anything comes of that!

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      Thanks, Chris! It totally did the trick for keeping everything nice and bright. Yay for branching out with my photography skills! :)

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