Hey guys! So I’ve spent the past several days fretting over this week in a serious way as it has become increasingly apparent that all the things I need/want to do — they cannot all be done. I leave tomorrow to spend an extended weekend at the NY homestead, where we’ll be celebrating my mom’s birthday (happy early birthday, mom!), and then she and I will be stepping on each other’s toes as we whip up a bunch of desserts for the annual West Kortright Centre fair. So those incomplete posts in the queue will remain that way for now, and I’ll instead just talk about some things that have been going on around here!

1. I have a guest post up over at Will Cook For Friends! Willow and her husband are off honeymooning, so I made some tasty cantaloupe, basil, & Lillet popsicles (slightly boozified for celebratory purposes).

2. I wrangled with a big bunch of cilantro for a post in the Halfway to Dinner column over at Food52! It was lots of fun to put together all of those dishes (and it made me realize how much I enjoy having a direction from the get-go that requires a bit of brainstorming, as well as a person to bounce ideas off of). And be on the lookout for another post happening in the near future!

3. I want to chat a little bit about the baking extravaganza that will be my weekend, so let’s talk TREATS: For the past couple years, I’ve made rainbow cakes (because no parent can say no to a $5 slice of cake when their child’s eyes are wider than saucers). But I decided to forgo the cake this year (you can probably imagine how scary it is to transport a 6-layer cake several miles down the bumpiest dirt road in late-summer weather) and focus on a couple homemade versions of classic childhood snacks instead: Hostess Cupcakes + Oatmeal Cream Pies (although I will try the cream pies with a marshmallow-y filling, since I’ll be making that for the cupcakes anyway). (I had grand plans to try making Bouchon Oh-Ohs, but I have a feeling that might end in disaster with everything else going on.) Also, there will be pie bars, these brownies, and we’re even muscling our way into the non-dessert side of things with Alanna’s awesome farro salad. Woop!

And a few things I’m obsessing over:

The gorgeousness of this cake.

Oatmeal pancakes! Complete with mad sexy chocolate puddle.

This beautiful soup.

This shrub and resulting cocktail. (And the dream universe where Todd and I run a bar together.)

How to make fresh couscous!

The gorgeous photo of tomatoes at the end of this post. (Not to mention the peach butter with honey & cardamom, which sounds amazing!)

And that’s my story until next week, friends! Until then, you can count on me documenting the weekend’s baking chaos, instagram-style. :)


  1. eve says

    Nothing beats a rainbow birthday cake, at least in my younger daughter’s heart. I’m still baking it every year and she just turned 22!

    • says

      It’s true! I’m actually kind of sad that I’m not making one. (The decision to leave it off the menu was definitely heaving influenced by my mother, who I’m pretty sure was horrified by the amount of time it took, not to mention the mess it created.) :)

  2. says

    Good luck with your busy weekend ahead, and congrats on your Food 52 post! Cilantro (we call it coriander down here) is one of my all time favourite things. And thanks for the shout out too love xx

    • says

      Thank you, Emma! The name discrepancy has always confused me, since I’ve always known the plant and leaves as “cilantro,” but the seeds as “coriander.” Seems like it would just make sense to call the whole thing by one name! :)

  3. says

    Oh wow – I want to make my own couscous! How does she make it look so easy?!

    And it sounds like you’ve got a lot of good problems in your life! Sitting on so many creative posts that you can’t wait to get up and a huge baking extravaganza in your future – sounds perfect to me!

    • says

      Hehe! Yeah, there are a couple of posts in the queue that I am really excited for. I’m trying to leave them be and just concentrate on baking this weekend. :)

      And oh man, that couscous, right?? Blew my mind!!!

  4. says

    The rainbow cake! It’s a shame you won’t be making it this year, but I don’t blame you (or your mom) for wanting to take a break from 6 layers of baking madness. I still remember that picture you showed me and the look of wonder in the little girl’s eyes. Very cute! (That totally would’ve been me.)

    Love your Food52 cilantro (or coriander? I always get confused too) feature. It’s my favorite herb, which means… there’s always a sad, withered bunch in the bottom of the vegetable drawer. Yup, you called it. I wish I had my own herb garden to snip bits and pieces from.

    And whew, it sounds like you and your mom have a lot of delicious projects to tackle this weekend. Good luck, Carey!

    • says

      Everyone asked about the rainbow cake, but they seemed to understand why I didn’t do it this year. :) Maybe I’ll resurrect it next year! And WHEW, what a weekend that was. It was a lot of fun, but I am so glad it’s over. I went to bed at 9:00pm last night!

  5. says

    Wow you’ve been so busy. Each night I try to fall asleep but the thoughts of all the work I’m so behind on keeps me from resting. Then, I wake up the next morning feeling even worse still without sleep and still behind.

    Enjoy your vaca home! Summer’s almost over.

    • says

      Oy, I know those late night thought maelstroms all too well. (They usually happen when I randomly wake up at 3:00am, then can’t fall back asleep. The worst!)

  6. says

    Carey! Congratulations on your Food52 post! Those fritters look soooo delicious, especially the sriracha greek yogurt dip. I’m all over that like green on cilantro. :) Your mom’s brownies are beautiful, and I’m so flattered that you ladies are making my farro salad! Also swooning over those Lillet popsicles. Best of luck this weekend!

    • says

      Thanks, Alanna! :) The salad and all the baked goods went over SO well! There was so much delicious food, and everyone had a blast. (I am so glad it’s over though, whew!!)

  7. says

    Congrats on your Food52 feature! I used to be on the edge about cilantro, but now I love it. Sadly, I’m the only person in my family who does… kinda lonely sometimes, but if I want to keep a whole batch of something to myself I know how!

    Also, thank you so much for guest posting for me while I was away! I loved your post, and I’m pretty sure all my readers did, too. We had an incredible trip, and it was so nice knowing everything was covered while we were away!

    Good luck with your big weekend of baking!

    • says

      Thanks, Willow! I can definitely see how people can swing either way with cilantro. I think it tastes so fresh, but others say “soapy,” which I guess could be associated with freshness.

      And thanks so much for having me as a guest poster! It was so much fun. :) And omg, I was just ogling your beautiful vacation pictures. What an amazing trip you guys had!!

  8. says

    Congrats on your Food 52 post! and Wow…thanks for the shout out!!! I know how you feel with having so much to do and never enough time to do it. The pie bars and brownies sound amazing…but I’m a sucker for bar desserts. I can’t wait for that cooler weather so I have lots of excuses to bake.

    • says

      Thanks, Sandra! Bar desserts are THE BEST. Everyone at the fair agreed too, because they were some of the first things to go (after my fauxstess cupcakes, though, which were the first to sell out after word spread amongst all the fair volunteers!).

      And that tomato photo took my breath away. So beautiful. :)

  9. says

    Yaay awesome post on food52! I used to hate cilantro but I luuurve it now :) and the treat extravaganza weekend sounds awesome. I want those marshmallow oatmeal sandwiches in. my. face. now.

    ALSO Thanks for the link love for my pancakes!!!

    • says

      Thanks, Izy! The oatmeal cream pies were so. good. (And they only get better after some time in the fridge……I know that because I’ve been slowly eating a reject one over the course of the past few days.) :)

  10. says

    Man you are just doing all sorts of stuff, you go girl!! (<- Do people still say that? Because I still say that.) So awesome!!! There are so many things I want to try in your piece for Food 52, cilantro is one of my favorite herbs, it just has the most amazing and refreshing flavor. I attribute my obsession with chipotle burrito bowls to their cilantro rice.

    And that is so awesome that you made all those treats for your friend!! What a lucky fella! I can only imagine the beauty and tastiness of the spread :)

    Also, I wanted to thank you so, *so* much for your gift. Jeremy and I were so excited when we opened it, our bar tools have been non existent up until that point and it was so kind and generous of you to get us all that awesome stuff. Know that you always have a place in our home whenever you decide to pop over to the west coast for a visit.

    • says

      Hahaha, thanks, Eva!! I zeroed in on the cilantro idea almost immediately. It’s my favorite, and I get really upset when it goes to waste in my fridge.

      I am bummed that you didn’t get to meet Matt when you visited! (He’s my admin/really good friend, and basically the person that pushed me to start blogging. And he lets me turn his birthday parties into food-events-dictated-by-Carey, which rules.)

      Yay for bar supplies!! (I was scrolling through the WS registry and then I hit the barware section and was like, “oh, duh, ALL THE THINGS.”) I wished for a hot second that I could furnish you guys with some fancy aperitifs, but then I realized that probably wasn’t feasible. (I think the desire to send you booze is partly due to the fact that I found out that the Caledonia Spirits people stopped making their delicious elderberry wine that I raved about when you were here. [And I found that out a while after they’d stopped, and couldn’t find it anywhere!] Discontinuing something that delicious should be illegal. I am still reeling from the loss!)

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