Crispy Sweet Potato Roast with Herbed Coconut Crème Fraîche (& A Giveaway!)

Crispy Sweet Potato Roast with Herbed Coconut Crème Fraîche

So OK, can we just take a minute to bask in the awesomeness that is several hundred meticulously arranged sweet potato slices, baked until tender all the way through, except for the delightfully crispy tops?

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Crispy Sweet Potato Roast with Herbed Coconut Crème Fraîche

Crispy Sweet Potato Roast with Herbed Coconut Crème Fraîche

Thanksgiving is almost here, you guys! Psyyyyched. I’m hosting again this year, and I’m trying to keep things relatively simple. There will be the obligatory mashed potatoes and stuffing (though J always took care of the latter, so if anyone wants to throw some killer recipes at me, I am still totally open to ideas). Momofuku Brussels sprouts. Root veggie pie. (I’m pretending that I’m making this for my vegetarian parents, but I’m really making it for myself.) Homemade cranberry jelly (in a can, people!). And the usual brined turkey. Though I’m considering foregoing traditional roasting methods and spatchcocking the thing instead after Linda brought it up the other day. Thoughts on this are welcome too.

Crispy Sweet Potato Roast with Herbed Coconut Crème Fraîche

A pretty standard Thanksgiving dish that I never think to make, however, is one involving sweet potatoes. Even as a sugar-loving kid, I was never into the whole marshmallow-topped sweet potato bake thing. It was just a bit too much, especially in conjunction with all the other nap-inducing foods.

If you feel the same way I do, then this is the dish for you. The sweet potatoes are roasted up with nothing more than butter, oil, and salt until gloriously crisp on top. And the sauce manages to be both bright and ever-so-slightly decadent at the same time, with freshness and heat from cilantro and Sriracha balancing out the mild sweetness of the coconut milk and the richness of the crème fraîche.

Crispy Sweet Potato Roast with Herbed Coconut Crème Fraîche

Crispy Sweet Potato Roast with Herbed Coconut Crème Fraîche

I have been wanting to make a variation of this potato roast ever since Deb wowed me with it a couple years back. It’s a total show-stopper of a dish, especially when it gets all sorts of colorful. (Could you imagine how pretty it would be with red and golden beets??) The combination of sweet potatoes with bright-spicy-tangy flavors was stuck in my head for quite some time. And when Vermont Creamery asked if I’d be interested in putting together a couple recipes using their crème fraîche (and hosting a giveaway!), I knew I had the perfect excuse to start making that idea a reality.

And now, about the giveaway! Up for grabs is an awesome gift pack from Vermont Creamery that includes two 8 oz. containers of Original Crème Fraîche and two 8 oz. containers of Madagascar Vanilla Crème Fraîche, plus a Keep It Fraîche t-shirt, two of their fantastic cultured butters — one Original Cultured Butter and one with Maple & Sea Salt (the maple & sea salt butter brings the deliciousness, you guys, in a serious way), and a box of crème fraîche chocolates from Lake Champlain Chocolates! Use the rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway. (Christine of Cook the Story, Samantha of Sweet Remedy, and Angela of Seasonal & Savory also participated in the Keep It Fraîche campaign. The giveaways have ended on their sites, but they have some yummy crème fraîche recipes up as well!) Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Crispy Sweet Potato Roast with Herbed Coconut Crème Fraîche

Crispy Sweet Potato Roast with Herbed Coconut Crème Fraîche

(adapted from Martha Stewart via Smitten Kitchen)

4 lbs of sweet potatoes (approximately 2.5 inches in diameter)
3 tbsp olive oil
1.5 tbsp Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter
1.5 tbsp Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter with Sea Salt & Maple
a few pinches of coarse sea salt
1 cup coconut milk
heaping 1/2 cup of Vermont Creamery Crème Fraîche
4 tsp sriracha
1/3 cup fresh cilantro, minced

Preheat oven to 375°. Melt butters over low heat on the stovetop, then mix together with olive oil and set aside.

Peel sweet potatoes, then slice crosswise as thinly and evenly as possible. (Between 1/8” and 1/16” is ideal.) If you have a mandoline, it will make the task far easier. If not, some patience and meticulous slicing work with a sharp knife will work just fine too.

Brush a healthy coating of the butter and oil mixture over the inside of an 8”– 9” baking dish or skillet, and sprinkle with a pinch of coarse sea salt. Arrange potatoes in the dish, the brush with the remaining butter and oil and sprinkle with the remaining salt. (A couple healthy pinches works well, but use your best judgment as far as what seems right.)

Roast potatoes for around 1 hour and 15 minutes, or until the middle of the potatoes are tender and the tops begin to brown and crisp. (They may need more time, depending on how thinly you’ve sliced them. Test them with a fork to make sure they’re tender in the middle.) Remove from the oven and let rest for 10 minutes.

While the potatoes are resting, whisk together the coconut milk, crème fraîche, and sriracha in a saucepan over medium heat, until just warmed.

Pour half of the sauce over top of the potatoes and sprinkle with half of the minced cilantro. Combine the remaining sauce and cilantro and serve alongside the potatoes, for guests to use as needed.

Crispy Sweet Potato Roast with Herbed Coconut Crème Fraîche

Crispy Sweet Potato Roast with Herbed Coconut Crème Fraîche


  1. LB says

    These sweet potatoes look amazing. I’m missing Thanksgiving this year for a work trip, but will be making these as soon as I get back!

  2. says

    These photos are stunning, Carey! I will absolutely make this sometime this winter. The guy has requested a sweet potato pie, so that’s where our sweet potatoes are going for Thanksgiving. We’re making the whole feast for just the two of us! We’re using his mom’s stuffing recipe–Kevin is pretty bummed that he won’t be in ABQ for Thanksgiving this year, so we’re bringing his mom’s stuffing to Maine. I’m not sure what it entails…it’s cornbread based, and when I inquired about the sausage in it (I made an assumption), I was met with shock. “WHY would ANYONE put SAUSAGE in STUFFING?!” Geez. He doesn’t get riled up about much, but that sure fired him up! Enjoy hosting the holiday!

    • says

      Thanks, Brianne! :) Sweet potato pie sounds deeelicious too.

      I think I’m also going the cornbread stuff route! (Especially since Alanna of The Bojon Gourmet made a really awesome looking one with mushrooms and chestnuts……yuuummm.) It’s funny, I always assumed that ALL stuffing had some sort of meat in it, since my parents never ate it when we attended Thanksgiving at my dad’s cousin’s place. You tell that Kevin to take it down a notch! ;)

  3. says

    *Love* everything about this dish – sweet potatoes, crème fraîche, and coconut milk! I’d want to eat this alone – no sharing.

    I’m not much help when it comes to the stuffing and turkey, desserts are my happy place. :D

    • says

      Thanks, Valerie! I love the madness of making a million dishes at once, so the savory main courses are totally my jam at the holidays. I wish you could bring the desserts on Thursday! :)

  4. says

    So I’ve been dreaming about this dish ever since you posted that photo on Facebook way too long ago! How brilliant to use sweet potatoes, which need help becoming savory deliciousness. I could never get into the marshmallows, either.

    I only ever bring desserts to T-day, but I may have to make an exception this year because I would be thinking about that crispy sweet potato-filled skillet all through the turkey (my bro always brines, too) and mashers (usually brought by my sister, but her ex-husband’s wife decided that snagging her man wasn’t enough and that she would call dibs on masher duty this year as well – drama! Anyway…)

    I love your photos so much. Thank you for the continuing culinary inspiration! (Also, I made stuffing for the first time ever and I’m kinda proud of the results!:

    • says

      Thanks, Alanna! :) I was considering a cornbread stuffing but now I’m 100% sold, because your version looks AWESOME. J’s stuffing was always delish, but there weren’t any mushrooms or chestnuts happening in it!

      And oh man, potato drama! I totally vote for you bringing this dish, just to totally steal the show. ;)

  5. Kim C says

    This looks delicious and gorgeous!! I love how the potatoes are arranged!! Being a pastry chef I automatically think of something sweet, so I was thinking that I would make icecream with the creme fraiche, but I love sweet potatoes and this just looks so good that I think I would have to make this first.

  6. says

    OH MY this dish looks so gorgeous. But I’ve also never thought to use coconut milk in a sweet potato dish. What a fabulous idea! Plus the sriracha. Perfect.

    However, did you use coconut milk from a can, or from a carton? Because I feel that they’re completely different.

    • says

      Feel free to sub any good quality crème fraîche and butter you can find locally. (And add a teeny splash of maple syrup to the melted butter/oil mixture.)

  7. says

    So first of all, those potatoes look like they’ve popped straight out of a magazine. I don’t even need to eat them; I might make a batch just to stare at the pan for a while.

    But then–butter, crème fraîche, coconut milk, sriracha–ok fine, maybe I will eat it.

    Also, love the Thanksgiving menu. I see that you too cull Food52 for recipe planning perfection!

  8. Christina says

    These potatoes are stunning! I’ll be making these soon- why wait for Thanksgiving? I think a pumpkin pie would be great with some creme fraiche baked inside, maybe a dollop on top, too, swirled with maple syrup.

  9. says

    Holy WOW that is one pretty dish!!! I am loving all of those layers. So many crispy edges, mmmm. This is making me want to go back into the kitchen, make it right now (even though it’s like..midnight here..) and eat it ALL straight from the skillet.

    and dayuuum, who ISN’T psyched for Thanksgiving? It’s like PRE-CHRISTMAS dinner, with Pecan pie.

    No marshmallow-y sweet potatoes here either (kind of freaks me out to have marshmallows sitting on the same plate as gravy and turkey), but I think I’ll probably me making some raspberry rugleach along with the pecan pie. WOOH

    • says

      Thanks, Izy! :D And yes, it’s totally like pre-Christmas dinner. (I like to think of now till the end of the year as one big month-long feast. With lots and lots of cookies as appetizers.) I would definitely like an appetizer round of raspberry rugelach! YUMMO.

  10. Matt says

    Awesome. I made something very similar to this for Christmas last year, but I’d totally forgotten about it- thanks for the timely reminder!

  11. Maureen Yorga says

    Will be making this as it looks beautiful. I make a dressing using dried and fresh cranberries with the usual suspects,carmelized onions,mushrooms toasted Ace focaccia and plenty of fresh herbs. This year deboning the legs and stuffing them with dressing. I have been practicing with chicken and it is lovely. Much easier presentation. A spatchcocked bird. Very fast cook time.

  12. deneen says

    just when I think I have my Thanksgiving menu all set, I come across a recipe like this & I have to rethink the whole thing…

  13. Scot says

    That pan full of potatoes looks like a delicious holiday wreath. I want some right now!

    I use Crème Fraîche in my salmon/asparagus encrute but I never thought about adding it to sweet potatoes. I’m gonna have to try that. I have an orange Descoware pan that will match that perfectly!

  14. says

    I don’t know how I haven’t stumbled upon your blog before now… What a gorgeous space you have created! I had a wonderful time browsing through it, reading your posts, and admiring your photography. Can’t wait to see more. (And this recipe? Oh my!)

    Have a great week,


  15. says

    Thanksgiving is all about comfort food. And as long as I have awsm company, and tasty food, I care less about how fancy or elaborate the menu is :) You will rock the party, I am sure!

    And that crispy potato roast has gone on with wish list. It will happen soon. Love how pretty it looks!

  16. Meaghan says

    Thank you so much, these were AMAZING!! We just had thanksgiving, sunday sunday version, and my fiancé literally finished the dish!!! I can’t way to try more recipes!

  17. says

    Carey, this is my first visit to your blog and I am swooning over all of the deliciousness here! You’re perfectly innovative… I naturally gravitated towards cookies but thought I’d check out the sweet potato roast first (savoury before… uh, sweet? Right?). The photos in this post are awesome. Cannot wait to read more of your archives x

  18. says

    I made them for New Year’s Eve dinner to accompany bo ssam, mushrooms and Korean tofu. The coconut milk in this recipe helped it fit in with the Asian theme. The whole thing rocked. 1/8″ is definitely the way to go for those of us keeping score.

  19. Ellie says

    What a beautiful, healthy dish to try!!

    Do you think I can serve these room temp? How do they hold up as leftovers? Do they need to be reheated?

    Please advise if you can! TIA.

  20. Katie says

    This is stunning!!!! I am dying to try it this year. Question~ how bad do the potatoes stick to the cast iron skillet? The presentation is ridiculous !!!

    • carey says

      Thanks, Katie! They actually barely stuck to the cast iron at all, which I think is due, in part, to tossing them with olive oil, but mostly to the fact that my skillet is very well seasoned. If yours isn’t, you might want to rub it with a little extra oil all around before you add in the potatoes.

  21. Robin says

    Carey, this is absolutely beautiful and sounds scrumptious! I want to take it to a Christmas party in a few weeks but I have a couple of questions.
    1. Would this do well sitting for an hour or so before being eaten?
    2. Would it be better to wait until just before eating to add the sauce to the potatoes?
    Thank you so much for your help and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    • carey says

      Thanks, Robin! I think it would be fine for it to sit for a little while before being eaten, though you might want to pop it in the oven for about 10 minutes to warm it up right before serving, if that’s possible. (If not, I think it would still be fine.) And I’d definitely wait to add the sauce until you’re about to serve it. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  22. BARBARA says

    Sweet Paul — I recommend you try a Spatchcocked Turkey!! You will never make it anyother way.
    It cuts down on cooking time and leaves an evenly cooked Turkey … the best!!
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  23. says

    I have never ever seen a recipe like this for sweet potatoes before and it looks like the most delicious sweet potato recipe I have ever seen! I also find the marshmallow and sweet potato combination a little too sweet, so this seems like the perfect solution. This dish will definitely be on my table this thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing!

    • carey says

      I might try replacing the 1 cup of coconut milk with 2/3 cup regular milk and 1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk. Or perhaps 1 cup of milk, 3/4 cup of creme fraiche, and 1 tablespoon maple syrup. It won’t be quite the same flavor in either case, but the sweetness from the condensed milk or the maple syrup will bring some balance to the heat of the sriracha.

  24. Suzanne says

    I am so excited to make this for thanksgiving . I am going to make it in the morning before we go and won’t be eating til late afternoon. Will it still be crispy? Could I make it tonight and reheat tomorrow?

  25. Kathlay'N Morgaret says

    This recipe could be done in the Phillips Air Fryer so easily and I could use my new waffle mandolin. Whtchha. Think???

  26. Amy says

    Ok so I just made this. IT. IS. EVERYTHING.

    Flavors are beautiful together, not too overpowering but the heat + coconut + creamy + the sweet of the potatoes is wonderful. I used a mandoline, and while I managed to slice a chunk of my finger off, it made this so much less work than it would have been.

    Took a little longer to cook than this recipe indicated, but softer inside pieces of potatoes were just fine.

    I couldn’t find the Maple/Sea Salt Vermont Creamery butter (although I did use their creme fraiche, awesome) in any stores near me, and needed a substitute fast, so I made my own with some higher end maple syrup and coarse sea salt from Whole Foods and I think it turned out perfectly. Haven’t even added cilantro yet and I’m trying not to devour this thing before my family Thanksgiving tomorrow :)

    Thank you so much for this idea and for sharing – can’t wait to see how my huge Italian family reacts to this unique, thoughtful delicious dish. Love it!!!

  27. GC says

    This was a huge hit for Thanksgiving. I omitted the cilantro and instead topped the potatoes with Garam Masala-spiced nuts. The heat of the Sriracha paired perfectly with the spiced walnuts and pecans. Try it!


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