Hey there! I’m Carey. Ex–picky eater. Ex-vegetarian. Book maker and author wrangler by trade. Gardener / over-enthusiastic caterer / researcher at heart. Lover of cats, autumn, and runny eggs.

I was born and raised in rural upstate NY, just a short distance from the gorgeous and bountiful Schoharie Valley. After spending nearly a decade in the Capital District, I relocated to Burlington, VT. Living in Vermont has allowed me to reconnect with local agriculture, with an appreciation that I was not capable of in my youth.

My culinary interests run the gamut from simple and healthy to sweet and indulgent, with an ambitious project every now and then. I find great satisfaction in learning how to make the most basic of things from scratch, and I enjoy nothing more than food that is intertwined with memory and tradition — cultural, personal, or otherwise. Of all the enjoyment that running a blog has brought me, the sharing of experiences and foods deeply rooted in nostalgia between myself and readers is by far the most rewarding.

(For a far-too comprehensive history of my take on and relationship with food, see this post.)

What’s with the name?

I began this blog in the fall of 2010 under the name Petite Kitchenesse. As I gradually developed my focus, I was also becoming enamored with the local farm and food culture. In the late summer of 2012, I decided to relaunch the site under a name that spoke to these interests. As I brainstormed new handles, I found myself repeatedly drawn to the word “provincial,” lamenting its negative connotations. One day, in a fit of irritation, I decided to research the etymology of the word. What I found was a word that once meant “pertaining to a province” or “of the small towns and countryside,” but eventually picked up the negative “unsophisticated/narrow/rude” definitions around the mid-18th century, when urban/city-living was just beginning to be fueled by the growth of modern industry. This, to me, seemed both unfair and unfitting, as some of the most capable people I have ever met have been “country folk.” With the growing momentum of the local movement leading many to seek out goods and food close to home, perhaps we can eventually rethink what it means to be “provincial” as well.

What you’ll find here . . .

Plenty of seasonal recipes and baked goods, along with the occasional beverage, homemade candy, and whoops-I-messed-up post. While I no longer restrict myself to a vegetarian diet, much of what I eat and make remains meat-free. And although I have overcome most of the food neurosis of my youth, the one thing I still avoid like the plague is the onion. I like scallions and I love ramps, so I realize this is a nonsensical aversion (which would more accurately be described as an enduring childhood phobia). I’m working on it!

I shoot with . . .

Most recently: Canon 5D Mark II + Canon 50mm f/1.4.

Previously: Canon 60D + Canon 50mm f/1.8.

Almost always in natural light.

Unless otherwise noted, all content and images found on this site are my own. Please feel free to pin my photos or reblog them on Tumblr, as long as you credit/link back to the original post. If you would like to republish any images or text to another site or your own blog, please credit Carey Nershi with a link back to this site or the specific post, or contact me directly for permission.